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Reusable Container Program

The Tulane Green Club, in partnership with Tulane Dining Services and Sodexo, have developed a program by which students collect a reusable container for lunch at Bruff to Go, and drop off used containers to be cleaned and sanitized. Bruff to Go is pioneering Reusable Containers on Tulane University's Uptown Campus. Together, we can save over 51,000 containers from the landfill in one semester alone.


What to Expect

As this is a new program, students will need to be educated on the process. Dining Services staff and members of the Tulane Green Club will hold tabling sessions during the first 3 days of Bruff to Go with a master list of enrolled Tulane students. They will give each student one token. The student will then choose their meal prepackaged in an Ozzi container. Next, the student will continue to the cashier, where they will pay for the meal using their Splash card, and pay for the container with the token.


After Your Meal

After the guest is done with the container, they will drop the used container at either the collection machine in Bruff to Go, or the collection machine at the entrance of Bruff Commons. The guest will receive a token to use for their next Ozzi container.


What happens if I lose a container?

If a student loses a container, they must purchase another container to get back into the system. The purchase of one container will be $5.00, and will be available for purchase at the Bruff to Go cashier stand.


What happens I lose my token?

The token has the same value as a container, as they are interchangeable. If either a token or container is lost, one must purchase another container for $5.00 to re-­‐enter the program. Tokens may be purchased using cash, credit, Wavebuck$, or Splash Card.


What if I want to have multiple containers out at a time?

A first container is loaned to each guest for re‐collection at the end of the semester. Each additional container a guest would like to take out is a non‐refundable charge of $5.00. However, this is a one‐time charge, as each container can be exchanged for a new one all semester long.


Do I get my $5.00 back for extra containers?

The first $5.00 is a non‐refundable deposit to partially fund the program.


Can I choose to have my meal in traditional disposables instead of Ozzi packaging?

At this time, we are changing all packaging in Bruff to Go to the Ozzi system in order to save as much waste as possible. In the event of an emergency, we will have disposable packaging available.


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